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Wayfinding is essential in any building and having clear directions instantly makes everyone feel more comfortable. A smart, professional and informative set of directional signs is also an opportunity to create a brand presence in your office building, hotel, clinic or factory – and no-one gets lost looking for the lifts!

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Directory and Door Signs | Designed, Manufactured and Fitted In-House

Polished Acrylic (Perspex) door signs always looks corporate and professional, or you could choose something more traditional in Stainless Steel, but think outside the box, they don’t have to be just…a box! It’s important your Directory Signs are changeable, so we print on the reverse, which means you can just replace the text when it’s time for an update.

Our Design Team will design something unique that matches your brand style, or we also have access to lots of ‘off the shelf’ door signs if you need to match what’s already there. Or if you don’t have much wall space, why not consider window graphics or hanging signs as an alternative for your directional signage?

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We take huge pride in helping companies of all size and sectors present their brand beautifully to the outside world, through internal and external signs and displays.

With over 20 years of experience Tunnicliffe Signs is known as the best in the North West and beyond. Join our extensive list of loyal clients, and we’ll make your vision a reality.

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    Directory and Door Signs - Frequently Asked Questions

    How will you fix my sign to the wall or door?

    We often use 5mm Acrylic for Directory and Door Signs, sometimes know as Perspex, with Aluminium stand-off mounts – this gives a really premium look to clear signs. For opaque signs, we use High Bond Tape (concealed on the reverse) or screw-cap covers to make sure you have a neat and tidy finish.

    How do I update the lettering when someone leaves, or the room changes use?

    It’s perfectly normal to need to update a Directory or Door sign; we usually print on the back so the graphic can be peeled off and replaced. Or we use self-adhesive vinyl lettering to the face of the sign, which can be removed if necessary. Acrylic signs on stand-off mounts can be unscrewed without tools, so for small signs, it’s often easier for you to bring it to us to update.

    We're renting our premises, can we still install Directory and Door Signs?

    It’s essential you check your contract and with your Landlord before installation, some landlords will want them to match the rest of the building. Wall and Window Graphics are an alternative if your Landlord doesn’t want any drill holes. We’d be happy to provide design mock-ups showing how the sign will look in situ.

    How do I get a quotation?

    Give us a call or fill in our quote request form. Usually the first step is creating a unique design – we don’t charge for initial drawings, as that’s ‘just part of the process’ for us. Your quote will then be based on the design as this allows us to consider material and component costs, as well as estimating the time required for installation. Or, if another designer has already done some drawings, we can quote from these too.


    11 January 2021 

    Chapter 8 of The Department of Transport’s Traffic Signs Manual, isn’t yet legislation, but is considered best practice for vehicles stopping or being used for work on highways and high-speed roads. It’s an effective way to make you and your fleets safe, especially at night or in poor driving conditions.

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