Built Up Letters

Your logo should have pride of place when it comes to your external signs, and there’s no better way to give your company name top billing. In classic Stainless Steel, or on-brand colour, Built Up Letters are the perfect choice for making a bold statement; they definitely say you mean business!

Illumination Option


Design Service Available


Nationwide Installation


Premium Materials


Expected Lifetime

5-7 years

Built Up Letter Signs | Designed, Manufactured and Installed In-House

Fabricated from high grade Aluminium or Stainless Steel, your lettering will be designed and custom made to order, and or course, professionally installed to the highest standard. Where illumination is a ‘must-have’, Built Up Letters are the natural choice, neatly concealing the LEDs for Halo Lit or Face Lit lighting options.

If it’s colour you’re looking for, our Built Up Letters are powdercoated or spray painted, for long-lasting impact. Or polished to perfection for an immaculate mirror finish. And don’t forget traditional brushed Stainless Steel – great style never goes out of fashion. Our Designers will support and guide you, so you can make the right choice for your business.

Sometimes you just need a sign, let us help

We take huge pride in helping companies of all size and sectors present their brand beautifully to the outside world, through internal and external signs and displays.

With over 20 years of experience Tunnicliffe Signs is known as the best in the North West and beyond. Join our extensive list of loyal clients, and we’ll make your vision a reality.

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    Built Up Letters - Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I need Planning Permission for an Illuminated Sign?

    The short answer is ‘sometimes’, it’s important you check with your Local Council first, rather than risk having to have them permanently switched off! Building signs don’t usually require consent but this may be required if they’re illuminated, or if you’re in a conservation area. We can provide you with detailed elevation drawings and technical information for your Planning Application if you need it.

    When it comes to installation, how high is too high?

    With signage installation there’s no such thing as ‘too high’ – it depends on the building and how far away the signs need to be seen from. We have our own 12m Cherry Picker and can hire a taller one where necessary, but we do have to be mindful of the weather conditions when working like this. All our installers are highly experienced and PASMA certified to ensure they’re working at height safely.

    What’s the expected lifespan of my sign?

    We use high quality Aluminium, with a powdercoated (paint) finish or 304 Grade Stainless Steel for our Built Up Letters both of which have a 5-7 year stated lifespan. In reality, they can last for ten or more years if you maintain them well and give them a clean from time to time! The LEDs we use are guaranteed for xxxx hours

    How do I get a quotation?

    Give us a call or fill in our quote request form. Usually the first step is creating a unique design – we don’t charge for initial drawings, as that’s ‘just part of the process’ for us. Your quote will then be based on the design as this allows us to consider material and component costs, as well as estimating the time required for installation. Or, if another designer has already done some drawings, we can quote from these too.


    11 January 2021 

    Chapter 8 of The Department of Transport’s Traffic Signs Manual, isn’t yet legislation, but is considered best practice for vehicles stopping or being used for work on highways and high-speed roads. It’s an effective way to make you and your fleets safe, especially at night or in poor driving conditions.

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