Colour Change and Full Vehicle Wraps

A reminder of that ‘new car feeling’, or just to make it uniquely yours, a full wrap colour change is the ideal solution. Using only the highest quality materials, we’ll look after your baby as if it was our own during its amazing transformation. Adding style and value, and protecting the paintwork is just the cherry on top!

Nationwide Installation


Premium Materials


Expected Lifetime

5-7 years

High Spec Finish


Colour Change and Full Vehicle Wraps | Designed, Manufactured and Installed In-House

We only use the best 5-7 year vehicle wrapping films from the major manufacturers like Avery Dennison, 3M and Oracal because we’re really proud of our work, so we want your top quality finish to last and last. And we don’t cut any corners with the standard of our detailing; it’s important to you, so it’s important to us.

Choose a classic high gloss in a huge range of colours, or a stand-out pearlescent…or matte, or matte metallic…the possibilities are endless! Perhaps with an accent colour for the roof and mirrors? We can even quote for wrapping the inside of the door jambs, for all over perfection.

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    Colour Change and Full Vehicle Wraps - Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does vehicle wrapping take?

    A full vehicle wrap takes about a week – that top quality finish doesn’t happen in five minutes! We’ll fully prepare your vehicle by stripping the trims, badges and door seals etc. before thoroughly washing and preparing the paintwork. As you’d expect, we usually have a bit of a waiting list for full wraps, so pre-booking is essential.

    Is the vehicle wrap removable?

    If your buyer wants the car back in its original colour, we can remove the wrap professionally for you; the high quality materials we use peel away easily with no residue. You should be aware that non-factory paint, in any areas which have been resprayed before the wrap was applied, may pull away when the wrap is removed.

    Do I have to inform the DVLA or my insurer?

    You need to tell your insurer that your vehicle has been modified, otherwise re-wrapping it after an accident wouldn’t be covered and it may void your insurance if you haven’t informed them. The DVLA should also be advised that the colour has changed, even though it’s classed as a temporary modification.

    How do I get a quotation?

    We’ll arrange a time for you to call in and take a look at our range of colour swatches – choosing the right material is the most important part of the quotation process. We’ll take a look at the vehicle too, to see if there are any modifications or areas of damage which we’ll need to consider in estimating the time required for installation.


    11 January 2021 

    Chapter 8 of The Department of Transport’s Traffic Signs Manual, isn’t yet legislation, but is considered best practice for vehicles stopping or being used for work on highways and high-speed roads. It’s an effective way to make you and your fleets safe, especially at night or in poor driving conditions.

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